Turn your university into an institution with international reach.

Online academic, educational and cultural activities are here to stay, and will be commonplace in the future.

Expoedu Center works as a communication bridge between your institution and the Latin American student market.

In addition, it offers you all the possibilities of a metaverse, where you can connect directly with your target market and promote the name of your institution.


Step 1

We define your institution’s target market and outreach strategies

Step 2

We contact the target market: schools and students

Step 3

We plan virtual events in our metaverse, where students can replicate the experience of an educational fair with just one click

Step 4

We coordinate with your institution the development of all the audiovisual material and the organization of the event

Step 5

We develop the virtual event, where you will be in contact with your target market

Contact us

Write us a message if you need more detailed information about our services, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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